me: *eating microwaved ramen noodles and watching kitchen nightmares* cannot believe this asshole didnt use fresh chicken in his paella, unbelievable

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21 Oct 14 at 12 am

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Kidnapper: Get in the fukin van
Me: Oh ok cool
Kidnapper: Wut
Me: This is a febreze commercial right
Kidnapper: Wut
Me: Smells pretty shitty in here to me tbh
20 Oct 14 at 11 pm

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20 Oct 14 at 11 pm

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"إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
The smarter you get the less you speak"

20 Oct 14 at 11 pm


Flowers Replace Guns in Historic Photo Collages by Blick

French creative Blick creates historic photo collages where large colorful flowers replace guns and other objects. The juxtaposition between the two source materials is immense, with the beautiful flowers contrasting greatly with the monochrome images of men in the clutches of war.

Most of the images you’ll see here are among the most iconic photos from the World War II era. Most will recognize Soldiers Raising Flag on Iwo Jima or Soldiers Wading Through Jungle Stream, and realize that the photos have been altered. By using such widely recognized images, Blick assures that anyone viewing will understand his message and examine the question of what has been replaced and why.

View more work by the French artist on his website.

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"everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back"

20 Oct 14 at 8 pm

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